Burmese Cat Breed Profile

Burmese Cat Breed Profile

Burmese Cat

How would you like an in depth look at the Burmese cat breed profile from an expert?

You've always been curious about Burmese cats and want to make sure the breed is right for you before finding a kitten.

You have a few questions, maybe even a few concerns . . .


So as a GCCF cat judge and huge fan of Burmese cats I am sure I can help.

Let me introduce you to the wonderful Burmese cat breed.

Introducing Burmese Cats

The surprisingly athletic Burmese cat is a confident and outgoing breed of cat. Despite their heavy, compact appearance Burmese are particularly active and spirited.

Because they are completely devoted to their owners Burmese have been nicknamed the ‘dog-cat’. Full of fun and with a loud voice, the Burmese cat could never be described as boring!

Burmese Kitten

Burmese Cat Description

Burmese are a medium sized cat and are surprisingly heavy for their size. They look compact and well muscled. Burmese are a very well balanced breed of cat, but they still look elegant and slender. Their legs, neck and tail all look in proportion to their bodies. Their coats are very fine and glossy and should be short and silky to the touch.

Burmese have a slightly rounded head, with prominent cheekbones. Their eyes are large and round, giving them an alert appearance. They have medium sized rounded tipped ears that sit well apart on the top of their heads.

Burmese come in four main colours, Dark Brown (or sable), Blue, Lilac and Chocolate brown (or champagne). Burmese have yellow eyes with any shade from chartreuse to amber being acceptable, with golden yellow being the most desirable eye colour.

History of Burmese Cat 

As the name suggests, the Burmese cat originates from Burma from a single female cat named Wong Mau. She was brought back from Burma by a sailor in around 1930. Wong Mau was dark brown in colour and produced the first litter of solid brown Burmese kittens. These kittens are the foundation of the Burmese breed as we know it today.

Burmese cats arrived in the UK in 1949 and were first shown in the country at a show in London in 1952. This breed of cat is now popular throughout the world for its out-going personality and stunning looks.

Interesting Burmese Fact

Burmese cats are very vocal.They rumble loudly like a wild cat when they feel like they need more attention.

Personality of Burmese Cats

Burmese are well known for their out-going and extrovert personalities. As kittens, they can be described as ‘wild’ and ‘spirited’, loving nothing more than endless periods of play. Although they do calm down a little as the years pass, Burmese continue to be fearless, energetic and talkative cats all their lives.

Burmese are incredibly sociable and do not do well if left on their own. They are better suited to a busy life, were they always have someone at home to spend time with them. Burmese can show dominance towards other cats so it is best to introduce them to another cat when they are kittens. They make great companions for children, due to their abundance of energy.

GCCF cat judge Ross Davies

Ross Davies

"A very active breed, if you are looking for a quiet lap-cat as a companion then perhaps the Burmese isn’t for you!"

Grooming & General Care

Burmese are easy to groom and they do not shed too much. A weekly brush with a rubber comb is all that is required. To keep your Burmese looking as silky as possible, finish the grooming with a quick polish from a chamois leather.

Remember that, like all cats, your Burmese will need their claws clipping and their teeth checking regularly.

Health of Burmese Cats

In general Burmese are a healthy breed of cat but, as with all pedigree cats, there are a couple of health issues to watch out for.

  • Feline hyperaesthesia syndrome, where the cat becomes very sensitive to being touched and may start to self harm, by biting itself or over grooming.
  • Hypokalemia (low blood potassium) which can lead to muscle weakness.
  • Diabetes occurs within the Burmese gene pool more commonly than it does within most other breeds.
  • They can also be more prone to stones in their urinary tracts that other breeds so always be careful to buy your kitten from a responsible breeder.

Burmese Cat Gallery

Below are some Burmese cat and kitten pictures, please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute any pictures of your own Burmese cats and kittens, we would love to include them!

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