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May 19

How to Clip Your Cats Claws

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Cutting your cats claws is really very easy when you know how.

I find that my cats need their claws clipping every couple of weeks. This can be an easy or difficult experience depending on when you decide to tackle the task.

I find the best time is when your cat is relaxed and docile . . . 

. . . not just after they have spent 15 minutes running around the house at 100mph (which is also the time you will probably notice they need their claws clipping as they are hanging from the curtains)

I suggest you wait for them to relax.

Let me show you how to clip your cats claws with as little stress as possible. ​

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Apr 01

Grooming Your Cat For a Cat Show

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Check out the video I made on how to groom your cat for a cat show.

It only takes a few minutes and you it can make all the difference in winning your class or coming dead last. Check out my step by step tips and make sure your cat is in tip-top show condition at your next show.

See my tips and tricks and added benefits (besides winning at the show) of spending a little time to groom your cat.​

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