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Mar 03

Moving House With Your Cat

Feline Behaviour Problems , Recommended

Moving home with your cat can be extremely worrying.

Imagine being all packed and ready to go and no clue where your cats are.

Or you have your cats but the stress of moving has freaked them out.

You are worried that once they get to the new house they won’t settle.

Above all else, you are terrified your cats will go AWOL before, during or after the move.

Moving house is already a stressful experience. Worrying about your cats is enough to drive anyone to despair.

But what if I told you there is an easy system to make certain your cats are safe and sound?

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Feb 03

Introducing a New Cat to an Existing Cat

Feline Behaviour Problems , Recommended

Your cat is lonely and you decide to get him a new friend.

The problem is he hates his new friend.

And to be fair his new friend in not particularly keen on him either.

Every time they are anywhere near each other they hiss, spit and attack each other, and you are worried about their safety.

(and how much it is going to cost at the vets if either of them gets hurt)

Introducing a new cat or kitten into an existing cat household can be a nightmare if not done correctly.

But it can also be done with little to no stress. No risk of injury. And no worries about massive vet bills.

Here’s how you can introduce a new cat or kitten to your existing cat family in five easy steps.

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