Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile

Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile

How would you like an in depth look at the Ragdoll cat breed profile from an expert?

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Let me introduce you to the wonderful Ragdoll cat breed.

Introducing Ragdoll Cats

It is easy to see where the Ragdoll gets its name from. This big, soppy, gentle giant goes all floppy when handled just like a toy rag doll!

The Ragdoll is a beautiful cat, with stunning blue eyes and a gorgeous semi-longhaired coat that is relatively easy to keep well groomed. The Ragdoll’s laid back nature makes them great family pets.

Ragdoll Cat History

The Ragdoll breed was developed recently in the USA, when in the early 1960’s a white longhair type female cat was bred with a Birman. A breeder named Ann Baker set about creating this stunning cat, focusing on creating a beautiful breed with a personality to match.

Ragdoll's first came to Britain in 1969 where their popularity has grown due to their floppy, laid back natures.

Ragdoll Cat Description

Ragdolls are a large, powerful looking breed of cat, with the males being quite a bit larger than the females. They are solid and muscular, with a medium sized broad head. They have broad, medium sized ears with a rounded muzzle and a well developed chin. Their eyes are large and oval in shape, and are always a stunning shade of blue. Their tails are long and in good proportion with their large bodies and legs. Ragdolls have cute tufts of fur in-between their toes, as well as well plumed, fluffy tails.

A Ragdoll has a soft, silky coat which is semi longhaired in length. Their coat lies flat against the body and they have plenty of ruff around their necks.

Ragdoll's come in four colours; dark brown (seal), blue, chocolate brown and lilac. They are available in either colourpoint, gloved or bi-colour.

Interesting Ragdoll Cat Facts

Ragdoll cats love the sound of running water, if you turn on the shower don't be surprised if your Ragdoll comes running.

Personality of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are very affectionate and loving cats and have a tendency to follow their human companions around the house. They are very sociable and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Ragdolls get on well with other cats and dogs as they love to have company.

Ragdolls are a very laid-back breed and are unlikely to be caught tearing around the house, shredding the furniture and climbing the curtains. They have a moderate energy level, but prefer to be in the company of their people, preferably on their favourite humans lap having cuddles. That said, they will enjoy a good game with the feather tickler and will happily chase a ball of foil if you throw one for them.

Ragdoll's have very quiet voices and go all floppy and limp when handled. Ragdoll's make fantastic family pets and are best suited to an indoor life where they will receive plenty of love and attention.

GCCF cat judge Ross Davies

Ross Davies

"They love to be held and cuddled making them one of the most affectionate breeds of cat."

Grooming & General Care

Despite his fluffy appearance, Ragdolls are fairly easy to groom. Use a comb to keep his coat tangle free twice a week. You will need to do this more regularly in the shedding season. If you get your Ragdoll kitten used to frequent grooming session then your adult Ragdoll will come to love having their coat groomed.

As with all other breeds of cat, remember to keep your Ragdoll’s claws trimmed on a weekly basis and regularly check their teeth.

Health of Ragdoll Cats

All breeds of pedigree cat are affected to some degree by hereditary health conditions. Ragdolls are in general a healthy breed and you should expect them to live well into old age.

Ragdolls can, however, be affected by bladder stones as well as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a common form of heart disease in cats and affects many other breeds such as Persians, British Shorthairs and Maine Coons.

Ragdoll Cat Gallery

Below are some Ragdoll cat pictures, please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute any photos of your own Ragdoll cats and kittens, we would love to include them!

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