Breeds of Cats

There are many different breeds of cats. When looking at one of the different cat breeds as a pet it is important to have as much knowledge as possible about all the various breeds

Finding the right cat breed for your family and more importantly the breed of cat that will be happy with your family is essential. Below is a list of some of the more popular breeds of cat, just click on the pink buttons for a full breed descriptions and cat photos to help you in your search.

Popular Cat Breeds

The British Shorthair cat is a very popular breed that are a strong but gentle breed of cat. They are very affectionate with their owners and will get on well with other cats and also dogs. An intelligent breed that can easily be described as easy going and friendly.

Burmese Cat Breed Profile

Burmese cats are confident and outgoing that are very active and full of life and vitality. Described as being sociable and talkative and probably best suited to a home with other cats rather than being an ‘only cat’. They cope well with children and are happy with friendly dogs.

The Siamese cat is a striking cat with very large ears and deep blue eyes. They are very intelligent and extremely vocal and love both human and feline companionship. A very popular breed of cat that forms a strong bond with their human families.

Maine Coon Cat Breed Profile

Maine Coon cats are a huge semi longhair cat who are happy to make friends with just about anyone. They are good with children and happy with dogs, friendly with a gentle nature. Striking for size and looks this wonderful breed are a favourite with families looking for a new pet.

Sphynx Cat Breed Profile

The Sphynx cat is a very recognisable cat to say the least. A breed that you either instantly fall in love with or immediately take a disliking to, they truly are the marmite of the cat world. Energetic, playful, intelligent and loyal are just a few words that you can use to describe this breed.

Bengal Cat Breed Profile

The Bengal cat is a popular breed of cat that is athletic, intelligent, playful and very loyal to their family. A medium to large shorthair cat with spectacular tabby markings resembling a wild cat but with a domestic cats temperament. They live happily with other cats and dogs.

Oriental Cat Breed Profile

The Oriental cat is a very intelligent breed that are known for being very active and extremely talkative. They love the company of both humans and felines. A popular breed of cat with lots of personality. Oriental cats are mischievous, energetic, full of personality and very loving.

The Birman cat is a longhair cat that is often described as being a bit like a cross between a Siamese and a Persian! A gorgeous and robust breed of cat that has a super temperament and get on well with other cats, dogs and well behaved children.

Persian Cat Breed Profile

The Persian cat is a longhair cat that are very often described as a placid and sedentary breed. This gentle breed of cat enjoy the company of their human companions and other quieter breeds of cat as well as the more placid breeds of dogs.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Profile

The Abyssinian cat is an elegant, medium sized breed of cat that have a distinct ticked tabby coat. Sometimes described as the cat with eight legs this active breed of cat is both intelligent and very lively. A gentle and loving breed that will keep you entertained with their antics.

Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile

Ragdoll cats are good natured, laid back semi longhair breed who love nothing more than a cuddle and a fuss. Not the most active breed but they do enjoy play with their owners. They make excellent pets and get on well with other cats, dogs and children.

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