Colourful Mice Catnip Toys

Colourful Mice Catnip Toys

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Colourful Mice Catnip Toys

Keep your cat happy for hours and hours with the latest craze in feline toys!

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Never worry again that your cat will get bored of their toys. These sturdy catnip toys will keep your cats entertained with the tantalising smell and bright eye catching design.

Grab a pack of these cute catnip toys for yourself or buy for your friends and loved ones, trust me their cats will love them!

    • Exquisite colourful designs
    • Natural catnip sewn inside
    • Individually packaged to retain the exciting catnip smell
    • Size: 29cm x 7 cm

Bright eye catching little toys that will give your cats hours of entertainment.

Order today and enjoy the confidence of the 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

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